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Health Services



For a majority of us, we will one day need to have a prescription filled. For some of us, this might be a regular occurrence. Let us be your first port of call for prescriptions, professional care and advice. Our professional, compassionate team will be there to listen to you and help you make the most of your medicines.


Do you need help keeping track of your medications? Would you like a simple solution that removes the hassle of having to look after your own medications? Let us look after them for you! Our Websterpak service allows you to quickly and easily see if you’ve taken your dose for today.

Gone are the days of confusion on whether the oblong white tablet looks like the 2 other white tablets and if you’ve taken them or not! It’s cost effective and ensure you get the most out of your medicines, improving your quality of life and avoiding any mishaps and errors.


MedAdvisor is a fast, smart, convenient and time saving application that can run on Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android based phones. The app gives the user the ability to track the medicines they’re currently taking (including non-prescription items) as well as the ability to quickly access information such as how to take your medicinesand any potential side effects. MedAdvisor helps you to keep a track of when you may need to visit your doctor for more prescriptions by sending you “see your doctor” reminders and showing which medicines may be running low on repeats. By leaving your prescriptions and repeats with us, the app allows you to order scripts directly from your mobile phone ahead of time with no waiting in store!


We offer a free service* where you bring your current medicines and vitaminsinto the pharmacy to make sure that you’re getting the best results possible. A short consultation with the pharmacist makes sure you understand all your medicines, we’ll show you the correct techniques for any devices associated with your medicines and help answer any questions or concerns you might be having. This helps you get the most out of your medicines!

It’s a government funded program designed to improve your quality of life and use of your medications.


Have you ever come to a pharmacy to have prescriptions filled only to find that you’ve lost that all important paperwork? Wonder where that stash of prescriptions could be hiding after you’ve brought it home? Never worry about this again! Let us take the hassle out of this by keeping your prescriptions on file with us all at no cost.


Our pharmacy is an authorised National Diabetic Services Scheme sub-agent. We can supply a range of diabetic supplies including testing strips, lancing aids, glucose replacement products and sharps. Items not in stock can usually be ordered in with 24-48 hours notice for no additional charge.


High blood pressure can be a very silent condition and often there are no tell-tale signs, don’t let a stroke or heart attack be the first sign of high blood pressure! Kenmore Day and Night Pharmacy believe having your blood pressure measured and recorded regularly is the most proactive approach, wehave pharmacists available during opening hours who will help you to measure, track and interpret your blood pressure results. By doing this on a regular basis, any changes and concerns can be picked up quickly. All results can be forwarded onto your medical practitioner easily and quickly. For more information, you can visit: and


Some medications require special disposal and shouldn’t be thrown out in normal household rubbish or flushed down the toilet! Kenmore Day and Night believe in proper disposal of medicines so bring in any unused or unwanted medicines!


Do you use an inhaler to help with your Asthma or to help you breathe better? How is your technique? Did you know that studies have shown that up to 90% of people are not using their inhalers effectively? By spending 5 minutes with a pharmacist you could be on your way to maximising the effectiveness of your inhaler medicines. For more information:


We stock a range of equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors and nebuliser machines for hire. We also have a great selection of MLE (Making Life Easy) mobility aids available for purchase such as wheelie walkers, over toilet aids and shower chairs. If a product isn’t in stock we can order directly from the MLE catalogue.


For a more thorough medication review, a specially trained pharmacist can organise to come out to your own home and conduct a home medicines review. Speak to your doctor to organise one today!

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